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ClaimSetter handles property insurance claims

from start to finish

We prepare claims and put money in the hands of contractors to start repairs

Open for Business

ClaimSetter handles and funds your claim

Within days

At no cost to you

No loan or repayment needed

ClaimSetter will fund your insurance project


So you can focus on building 

No loan or repayment needed

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ClaimSetter handles and funds your customers' claims


So you can retain your customers

At no cost to you

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 Insurance claims don't have to be this painful...

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most claims take 6-30 weeks to be fully settled

150 days between claim approval and project completion. On average

of claims go nuclear: they take longer and cost more.

of policyholders ditch their insurance broker after a claim

Quick process. Zero hassle. 

Claim Preparation

Claim Payout


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Our insurance specialists prepare and submit property claims.

ClaimSetter instantly pays out the funds approved by the insurer. 

Contractors receive the money they need to start repairs. 

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4X faster property repairs with ClaimSetter

We're your peace of mind for insurance claims

Placing Ceramic Tiles


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ClaimSetter was born out of frustration. 

Our friends and family suffered pain and delays when dealing with their insurance claims. It took just days to approve insurance claims but months to get the payouts. This delay frustrated both home and business owners who spent months chasing insurance checks. 

Their contractors were forced to advance material and labor costs. Their Insurers, brokers, and adjusters lost time and customers because of the delayed insurance payouts. It's a massive pain for everyone involved. 


Insurance claims don't have to be this painful.


Founder & CEO





Our fast claims management and payout process makes life easier for property owners, brokers, contractors, and adjusters.

The ClaimSetter team combines industry veterans with fintech, insurance, business development, and advertising expertise. We leverage this experience to make the claims process as smooth and effortless as possible.


ClaimSetter: We'll get you back on track. Fast.



Now, we reduce recovery time from months to mere days. 

We prepare residential and commercial property insurance claims, pay contractors for material and labor, and monitor the reconstruction. We see the project through from start to finish. It's quick, straightforward and removes the risk and pain for policyholders and contractors.



Our ClaimSetter team spent months working with insurance brokers, industry professionals, and contractors to figure out how we could get money for repairs into the hands of contractors within days of claim approval.

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Hear from our partners

Business representative

"ClaimSetter is an innovative company that offers a comprehensive solution for insurance claims.


Their commitment to transparency, quick processing, and excellent customer service makes them a great partner."


Insurance Broker

Talk to us!

Let’s get your property back on track.

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Tiling a Roof
  • How does ClaimSetter partner with contractors?
    Contractors increase their revenue by taking on more projects with us. Our network of vetted contractors receives referral to projects. Our team takes away the pain of spending hours on dealing with insurance claims. No need to advance labor and material costs, no chasing insurance checks. ClaimSetter manages all the insurance paperwork. We provide a predetermined, transparent payment schedule and ensure you have the necessary funds to start working on property construction projects. If you're interested in joining our network, contact us at
  • Does ClaimSetter charge any fees for its services?
    Our claim preparation service at ClaimSetter is free of charge for business owners, brokers, and adjusters. We charge contractors a fixed fee. We prioritize transparency in our pricing and provide contractors with a detailed breakdown of all applicable fees and costs before initiating any project.
  • What are the benefits of working with ClaimSetter?
    We make the claims process faster and smoother. We’ve devised a fast way for property owners to receive the money they need for repairs. We swiftly prepare their insurance claims and handle all communications with the insurer. As soon as the claim is approved, we fund the reconstruction. When the work is done, we settle with the insurer. Without ClaimSetter, the claims approval and payout process can take months. We get your claim funded fast so you don’t need to get a loan to restore your property. Get in touch with ClaimSetter and consider your insurance claim handled (
  • Can policyholders choose their own contractors when using ClaimSetter's services?
    Absolutely! You’re free to select any contractor when using ClaimSetter's services. We will qualify your contractor for our service and work with them to get you restored asap.
  • I'm a broker. Can I work with ClaimSetter?
    Absolutely! We help brokers make their workday easier by preparing claims for their clients. We deliver quick turnaround times and handle all negotiations with the insurer for free. As soon as the claim is approved we promptly pay your client's contractor’s fees to begin the work. We ensure the process is smooth, quick, and easy. ClaimSetter helps you focus on keeping your clients happy and renewing their policies with you. Further questions? Reach out to our team:
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